You have one evening to create a song...
Dan Pope and I (Kevin Dowd) have been playing music together since the late 1970s. We played in bands, but the larger creative outlet has always been writing and recording. Starting around 2011, we began writing and recording with the following ground rules:

  1. We have one evening to write and record a song
  2. There's no going back and fixing it the next day, with the possible exception of re-mixing.
It's great fun. Nothing gets old. The result is always a surprise.

The latest...

May 11, 2024

Two songs were completed last nice. The first, Someday has a great foot-stomping beat. I'm not sure about the lyrics and melody.... The second, Everytime is a jazzy lounge piece that ends with the singer engaging the crowd. I played the piano like a drunk, which makes me laugh but bothers Danny.

April 28, 2024

There's been a lot of activity. I haven't even captured it all here. Last night, Karl in the Graveyard. Last week, Wubba. The week before that, The Devil.

December 23, 2023

Two weeks we made our annual Christmas song, but it was naughty and won't be getting any presence here. Last night, we made a groove based on a random phone call we received at the office. Someone called to yell at us for robo-calling them, but we don't do any of that. They left a message. So, them complaining about us harrassing them became them harrassing us. Well, we included them in the groove, and got the last word. It's not good, frankly. And publishing it here is a form of self-reporting. But, it is evidence that we're not dead. So, enjoy Robot.

October 29, 2023

I said I wouldn't do this, but I fixed up a song that I really like, and one that really cracks me up. It's called Don't You Know. We created the song in the mid-1970s. We played it as an instrumental at coffee houses and even have an ancient recording of it (on cassette). The song was unkindly named for a girl who had her own song that was probably also called Don't You Know. It was boring and interminable, and she repeated the phrase over and over. We added lyrics to Don't You Know one night in February, 2022. We also glued a Beethoven diddy onto the end of it. Today, I fixed up the vocals a little bit, including the addition of some female voices. I cheated and used a Yamaha product called Vocolo. Anyway, there's a new copy of Don't You Know occupying the spot for the old one.

October 7, 2023

Last night we produced a randomly-named song: Endless which turned out pretry good, I think. I haven't listened to it since last night, so I am not entirely certain. Dan said he liked it. He even called me today to say he liked it and he barely has a telephone. While I was copying it over to the website, I noticed that there are a bunch of other creations that never got catalogued. This is probably because they're bad. But, I link them here for historical completeness: Wonder, and Wind from the .... I presume this is supposed to be "wind from the east", but I don't remember do the song. And there's one by Bob O'Brien that Dan and I recorded several months back: Ocean Blue.

September 20, 2023

After another long hiatus and a couple of really bad pieces (which might be included here eventually anyway), here's Quantum Angela. See also Precious, similarly motivated.

February 9, 2023

After a long hiatus, we're back at it—making half-masterpieces in the course of one evening. This one commemorates the recent Chinese balloon incident.

July 8, 2022

The wheels are coming off the bus. Sabotage abounds. Years, I haven't laughed so hard as when I blew up this song: sabotage23. Dan was making coffee in the other room. "What can be so funny?" I couldn't even respond—laughing too hard. The song was called Garlic Boy, and it stunk, alright. We tried again a month or so later. Here it is with no lyrics at all: Garlic June. And here's what it was supposed to be: But Your Name Is.

And here's the latest, called First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians. It need lyrics, as you can hear.

February 26, 2022

We've recorded some pretty rough stuff lately. Too much pizza, a penchant for sabotage, the futility of existence all contributed. For the first year since who-knows-when, no Christmas song. But plenty of failed experiments. The can be found in the unclassified list, starting with Don't You Know, which is a song about a stalker. It contains hidden references for someone we know. It even includes a little Beethoven riff, which is also a clue (for him).

The rough patch of new songs ends with Weather Channel. I said this was too awful to publish, but it has since grown on me, given how bad everything else has been lately. I think you'll like it.

October 21, 2021

Last night, we did two songs--Halloween songs. It took us to 3 AM, and we used the same words (basically) for each song. Are they good? Well, you can get to the end without screaming... Momma's Out Drinking on Halloween and Daddy's Staying Home on Halloween. Happy Halloween!

There was another song between August and today that never got posted. The singing was really awful. The music was like something from a weather station radar map update.

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August 16, 2021

This last one is my fault. I wanted to do something different. Enjoy Bad Hearts.

August 8, 2021

Been slow going lately, with summertime and an office move. Two new masterpieces adorn the collection--both illegal because they once again break the rules. The first, Aliens was written by Danny in the 1970s and resurrected in an act of laziness on my part. If it matters to you, all the keyboard parts are from a Roland D-10, vintage 1980s. The second song, Graduation was already partially composed by Danny when we started. That left me to decompose and add a melody. It's kind of country/western with some yawning gaps in the action. Pleasant, though.

June 4, 2021

We had a trainwreck last night. It's called Faireport. Halfway through, the words are "This is the worst song we've done in three months...." Enjoy, you imaginary fans, you.

May 26, 2021

Four more creations and a skeleton from the closet this month. The latest one is Danny's Song (no, not Loggins and Messina). This song is illegal because it wasn't entirely created in one night, and those are the rules. Rather, Danny brought something he'd made up in advance. It started as a kind of guitar funk—no words or anything. But, the rules of the game were being violated, so I attempted sabotage it by loading it down with instruments. I played John Bonham heavy drums behind it and added a saxaphone part from Street Trash—a scene where Frank finds a dead woman's body by the river and finds it "interesting." Anyway, it turned out pretty good even with the sabotage, and even though it's kind of a pussy song. Some lyrical elements stolen from Shakespeare.

Then, there's The Wrecking Ball, which we probably wrote during the last moments of Charles Grodin's life, accidentally. The song is kind of styled for The Heartbreak Kid, which Grodin starred in. I've never actually seen the movie. Grodin became a talk show host and polemicist. I don't like it when actors become politically involved. I mean, how do we know they're not acting?

Next, we have Strummy. Strummy isn't finished; we ran out of time and didn't get to the words. But the melody is played on a Salvation Army Store guitar. It's very pretty, and will get words someday. The reason it is called Strummy is that we wrote it together solely on guitars, and it came out differently than the usual bass + keyboard combo.

The fourth new song is a little freakish and attractive It's about a Carny, his trailor, his victim. The chord progression is a little nutty, but it really came out nicely, methinks. Listen to Sygardaddy.

And then there's Zogart, Look in the B or C sides.

As ever, it's all done in just one night. But, as we get older that night gets later and later.


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